ECO WATERPROOF FLOORING is the perfect solution for a busy household and can be used in any room of the home including the basement. Available in many textures and colors. Waterproof flooring can offer beautiful options for decorating your home.

ECO WATERPROOF FLOORING takes technology to new levels by duplicating the beauty and warmth of natural wood while providing an waterproof, mildew-proof, anti-deformation, anti-corrosion flooring. Waterproof flooring "float" over the installations sub-floor after laying a foam/film underlayment to provide moisture and sound reducing properties.


Waterproof, Mildew-proof, Anti-Deformation, Anti-Corrosion, Acid and Alkali Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Termite Free
High Temperature Resistant, Standing up to 60C (108F), Suitable for Geothermal Heating System
Floor Manufactured in Accordance with EO Standard, Low Formaldehyde, Zero Radiation, Zero Pollution
Service life of floor is up to 15 years. The floor base materials are recyclable, thus be good for protection and saving wood resources
Amazing True-to-Nature Wood Grain Patterns, Wooden Comfort
Easy Installation. Simple Daily Maintenance and No Need for Wax Polish
Adopting Nano-Anti-Bacterial Charring Technology to Purify Air


We service all ECO WATERPROOF FLOORING needs anywhere from simple product sales all the way to a complete installations.

Basic Installation varies by product type and region. Basic Installation applies only for the installation of Eco Waterproof Flooring and does not include removal of existing flooring, moving or replacing furniture, installation of moldings and concrete or subfloor repair or leveling. Our Installation Specialist will prove a detailed cost for installation after in home measure and consultation is colmpleted.

Find the color, finish and size, and we will arrange a free in home estimate on the installation. No hidden fees. After in home estimate you will know exactly what you will pay (and it will be a lot less than you expected.) Basic installation varies by region.


ECO WATERPROOF FLOORING can be installed with heating option. Warm floor gives a comfortable even heat and the self-regulating system is available.

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ECO WATERPROOF FLOORING is available in a plethora of styles and designs. Each displays its own unique characteristics, lending itself to a different design aspect. Choose the grainy appearance of Oak to add charm to any rustic interior, or utilize the grain-less consistent landscape of Maple to bring continuity to modern decor. Remember to use light colors to visually expand a room, while adding dark color for a more intimate feel.

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